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Sean’s philosophy in clinical assessments and treatments are rooted from osteopathy’s main core principles. The body is one functional unit, the body has the ability to defend and heal itself, and structure and function are interrelated. Sean also believes that injuries (acute/chronic) and disease can start the healing process if the correct interventions are selected at the appropriate times. Taking a 3D osteopathic approach to the human body through different fields of osteopathy (ex: visceral manipulation, cranial osteopathy, MSK etc) , Sean will provide professional guidance on each step needed to improve your quality of life. His 10 year professional expertise in the health and fitness industry is why Sean is a growing leader in the industry. Sean graduated from The Southern Ontario College Of Osteopathy (2022) and Mohawk college for the health, wellness and fitness program (2013). At SOCO, he successfully completed his thesis on chronic migraines. He currently practices as a Manual Osteopath (DOMP) and a Personal Trainer

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