Samantha A
Fascial Stretch Therapy
Kaizen – Glen Erin | Kaizen – Wynn / Hilton
Samantha Azevedo is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist through the Stretch to Win Institute working with numerous clients in releasing tension, stiffness, pain, soreness, improving recovery, flexibility, range of motion and with deep relaxation. She takes clients through assisted stretches that help to restore balance and flow in the body. Samantha has over a decade of experience working with numerous clients in health and wellness with a background as a personal trainer, fitness coach, energy healer and alignment guide. Samantha also competed for years as an overall bikini athlete. She works with all fitness levels whether active or non active to provide tailored care to each client. As she tractions and opens the connective tissue and joint capsules that can become stiff, bound and tight throughout the body allowing for improved wellness, movement and lifestyle with noticeable results after each session and would love to work with you. Services Offered: 60 & 90 Min FST Stretch Therapy

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