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Aromatherapy | Head Massage | Foot Massage | Deep Tissue | Pre/Post Natal
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Hello, I’m Maurice Rosales, a Registered Massage Therapist graduating from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage. With a solid foundation as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor since 2017, I’ve honed my passion for guiding clients of diverse backgrounds towards their wellness aspirations. Throughout my journey, I’ve cultivated a profound fascination with biomechanics and human movement, igniting my path into massage therapy. My sessions blend an array of techniques, including soothing Swedish Massage, deep tissue work, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, invigorating hydrotherapy, and therapeutic exercises.I pride myself on a patient-centered approach, putting together evidence-based treatment plans that are tailored to each individual’s unique goals. Your well-being is my top priority.

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