How Can Postpartum Massage Help In Recovery After Child Birth

How Can Postpartum Massage Help In Recovery After Child Birth?


Pregnancy is a special time but also physically challenging on the body. This includes taking care of yourself and recovering after you deliver your baby. You may go through powerful feelings of sadness, anxiety, and tiredness that lasts a long time after childbirth. These feelings can make it slightly hard for you to take proper care of yourself and the baby. 

As a new parent, you desire healing, pampering, and relief from aches and pains. A postpartum or postnatal massage is the perfect solution to get yourself closer to your pre-pregnancy days. 

In this blog, we’re going to look at postpartum massage and learn how it helps in recovering after childbirth.

What is Postpartum Massage?

Postpartum massage is an effective and holistic way of dealing with many challenges after giving birth. It is a full body relaxation massage that often includes all the same elements as a regular massage. 

Special postpartum advantages include hormonal regulation, lowered swelling levels and improved pregnancy outcomes. 

The massage involves strengthening your muscles that have been affected during pregnancy. This is meant to regain strength naturally so your body can relax and return to its former state. Postnatal massage offers stress relief after having an intense and long labor period.

Benefits of a Postpartum Massage

  • Increases happiness & uplifts mood 
  • Quicker healing 
  • Helps reduce your injuries in the fourth trimester of pregnancy 
  • Helps improve the healing of your baby

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Why is Postpartum Massage necessary?

Postpartum depression, psychosis, stretch marks, and vascular problems can hamper the ability to heal physically and emotionally after a child is born. Physical therapists perform many treatments at every session to aid and promote faster healing. 

Therapists will guide your treatment and provide additions for your post-delivery care. If you have questions or want information on treatments, please get in touch with your doctor.

How Does Postpartum Massage Speed up Recovery after Childbirth?

A gentle massage can begin shortly after birth. It helps in alleviating pain and discomfort associated with the postpartum period. A good massage therapist is trained to adjust the massage as per the needs of the client. 

Postpartum massage may also be helpful in full body recovery after C-section births.

Should you add Aromatherapy during a Postpartum Massage?

Yes! Having aromatherapy during your postnatal massage is a great idea. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are pure extracts of plants that help relax the mind and relieve depression. 

Generally, high-quality oils during pregnancy are safe and nonallergenic but keep in mind to tell your therapist if you are nursing. Some aromatherapists can diffuse their products into air, or apply topically to their own lotions. 

What is the Best Oil for Postpartum Massage?

Most high-quality aromatherapy oils are safe for massage as they are non-allergenic upon delivery. Take a patch test by rubbing oil onto a small area of your skin. Check for allergic symptoms like rash, itchiness or hives.

If you are interested in using an alternative oil but are sensitive to smell, a great alternative would be coconut oil!


When should you get a Postnatal Massage?

The ideal time for postpartum massage is when you’re ready for it!

Many of our clients were thrilled to start laying on their stomachs again but were given pillows to help them feel comfortable. Our pillows offer you extra support when you are ready or can be used for positioning if you would rather lay on your back.

If you had surgery before delivery, check with your doctor. Some massage therapy centers will not treat people who have undergone surgery in the past six weeks. 


Postpartum massage is an excellent choice for you to recover after childbirth. It is great for healing, nurturing, and relaxation so that you can stay comfortable while taking care of your baby.

At Kaizen Health Group, you can find massage therapists who offer post-natal or prenatal massage therapy. Massage therapy can help keep your body in its pre-pregnancy state and accelerate healing. Contact us to get more information about a massage or book an appointment directly. 

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