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About Us

Kaizen Health Group is a Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre that was established in Mississauga in 2010. We offer therapeutic services that improve the general health and well-being of the people who live and work in our communities. At Kaizen Health Group, we ensure our clients experience optimal comfort and relaxation at a price they can afford.

Registered Massage Therapists are considered Regulated Health Professionals in the province of Ontario and must operate under the highest standards set forth by their governing regulatory body. At Kaizen Health Group you can trust that you are receiving quality health care. We are listed on “Three Best Rated” which marks us as one of the top three massages therapy clinics in Mississauga and we won the 2023 Consumer Choice Award for Peel Region.

RMT Massage in Mississauga

At Kaizen Health Group, we believe that Massage Therapy can help people live healthier and more active lifestyles. Massage therapists in our clinic offer services in a high-quality, clean, and healthcare environment.

We offer many conveniences at Kaizen Health Group to improve the patient experience. Whether you want a massage for deep relaxation or a massage to address your joint or lower back pain, we can help!

Our therapists have over twenty unique abilities that compensate for each other. We have specialists with varying experience, from new graduates to those with over fifteen years of experience in serving clients from all over the world.

We empower our professionals to focus on providing the best treatments to clients visiting our clinic. Let us offer you peace of mind that can’t be found anywhere else.


Our Vision

We believe in the “Patient’s First” philosophy. We strive to provide outstanding therapy services and compassionate care, every step along the way.

Our philosophy requires us to offer more than world-class clinical care. It includes giving care that addresses every aspect of a patient’s health, such as their physical comfort, as well as emotional and spiritual needs.

Formalizing our commitment around this, Kaizen Health Group makes the patient experience a strategic goal to ensure to exceed the expectations of individuals and families. 


Our Mission

We aim to be an effective therapeutic clinic where clients can find all services under one roof. Our goal is to provide an environment where clients can refresh & rejuvenate themselves.
Our Registered Massage Therapists work together to provide the optimum health experience to our patients. We are working to grow better and We are striving to grow our services to incorporate a greater number of modern technologies along with natural health care techniques to improve our customer service, provide enhanced experiences, and save the patients time.
With continuous efforts and customer service, we aspire to be the largest therapeutic provider of massage therapy with registered and trained therapists helping clients manage pain, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, injury, and more to enhance their general health.
All this to help you age well, move better, and stay strong in your everyday busy lives.

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