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About Us

Kaizen Health Group is a Registered Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre, based in Mississauga, Canada. Our clinic was established in 2010 and offers therapeutic services that improve the general health and well-being of the society at large. At Kaizen Health Group, we ensure our clients experience optimal comfort and relaxation at a price they can afford.

Best Service For You

If you're searching for the best massage therapy in Mississauga, look no further! At Kaizen Health Group, we offer a wide range of massage therapy services to help promote the well-being of the mind and body. Treatment options include but are not limited to relaxation, couples, prenatal, sports and deep tissue massage. Check out our Services page for more information.

What is Registered Massage Therapy?

Registered Massage Therapists are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), in conformity with the Regulated Health Professionals Act and the Massage Therapy Act.

Our longstanding Mississauga-based massage therapy clinic is RMT registered, meaning all our therapists are highly-qualified and bound by the highest standards of conduct and integrity.

Looking for a trusted RMT Massage in Mississauga that will set you on the path to pain-free living? Call Kaizen Health Group Today. Our Registered Massage Therapists will provide effective treatment through a comprehensive range of trusted massage techniques to suit your condition.

What Does Kaizen Mean?

Kaizen is a Sino-Japanese word that translates to “change for better”. Kaizen has come to be known as synonymous with “continuous improvement”, especially in the business world.


At Kaizen Health Group, we believe that one can continuously improve themselves in many ways — and our goal is to assist you in improving your health.



RMT Massage

  • 30Min $70
  • 45Min $90
  • 60Min $105
  • 75Min $130
  • 90Min $150
  • 60Min Hot Stone $135
  • 90Min Hot Stone $185
  • 60Min + 15 Min Head Mx $140
  • 75Min + 15 Min Head Mx $160
  • 60Min + 15 Min hot towel foot Mx $140
  • 75Min + 15 Min hot towel foot Mx $160

Non-RMT Massage

  • 60 Min Aromatherapy $75
  • 60min hot stone $95

Fascial stretch therapy

  • 60 Min $90
  • 90Min $130

Registered Acupuncture

  • 30 Min $75
  • 60 Min $110

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